Install Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installation, Manchester

The owners of this bungalow in Greater Manchester chose to install solar panels to improve the energy efficiency of their property and reduce their overall energy costs.

The bungalow has a south-facing front roof, and the remote location ensures that there is no direct obstruction to to light. This meant positioning the panels on the front slope of the roof would ensure they enjoy uninterrupted access to light throughout the day.

The system:

The Installation

In this instance, the client had opted for an in-roof system, which does not require railings to be attached to the existing roof surface. Instead, an in-roof system requires the tiles to be removed where the panels are going to situated. Once the tiles are removed, the bare surface is then covered with a special water-proof membrane to enable run-off to the gutters as with a tiled roof. Above the membrane, we fit in-roof mounting panels, as demonstrated in the following image. in-roof solar panel system

Once the membrane and in-roof mounting system was in place, our engineers mounted the panels to the roof. Each panel is connected to the inverter and battery, ensuring the solar panel system is able to start generating energy straight away.

in-roof solar panel installation system
In-roof solar panel installation on a bungalow in Manchester

Pylontech battery system

This installation took just 1 day to complete, and the whole system was providing power to the house immediately. Whatever energy is not spent immediately on the in-house demand is stored in the powerful Pylontech battery system, which takes over powering the home when the panels no longer have access to sunlight.