Install Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installation, Liverpool

We were delighted to have the opportunity to work on this project, which enabled a Scout hut to start generating it’s own power.

The Sbout hut has a completely flat roof, and the remote location ensures that there is no direct obstruction to light. This meant panels needed to be fitted to buckets which raise the angle of the panel to ensure water run-off and optimise daily exposure to sunlight.

The system:

The Installation

For this installation, we required a flat-roof mounting bucket for each panel. These were secured to the flat roof before the panels were mounted to each bucket.

flat roof solar panel installation
Mounting buckets were used to elevate the panels and optimise exposure to sunlight.

The whole installation was connected as we added each panel, ensuring that the system was able to start generating electricity straight away.

flat roof solar panel system
Panels are connected to the system as they are installed

This installation took just 1 day to complete, and the whole system was providing power to the scout hut immediately. Whatever energy is not spent immediately on the immediate demand is stored in the Solax battery system, which takes over powering the property when the panels no longer have access to sunlight.