Install Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installation, Chorley

Chorley’s weather was true to form for this solar panel installation, but our team were up for the challenge.  The property is a local sports club, with a low angled roof that benefits from uninhibited access to direct sunlight all day long.  The ideal location for the positioning of the panels was identified on our plan.

solar panel system - roof picture

The system:

The Installation

Taking care, as ever, to ensure the installation was conducted to the highest possible standard, and safeguard the property, we installed temporary scaffolding. This provided unhindered access to the roof surface where the panels were to be located.

solar panel installation in Chorley

The client chose an external, as opposed to an in-roof system. This requires mounting racks to be placed across the length of area where the panels are to be situated. The solar panels are then mounted directly to the racks, meaning that the roof tiles remain in situation beneath the panels. As you can see from the images, the scaffolding provided a safe work area which was important due to the inclement weather conditions.

a man in roof installing a solar panel

The installation took just 1 day to complete, and the panels were connected to the inverter and batteries enabling the system to be fully functional and start generating electricity the same day. Following completion, the site was cleared and all waste materials removed.

install solar uk - white van