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Solis S6-GR1P Premium Inverter

  • Maximum efficiency 97.3%
  • String current up to 14A
  • Wide voltage range & low start-up voltage
  • Integrated Export Power Manager (EPM)
  • Compact & lightweight wall-mounted inverter


The Solis S6-GR1P(0.7-3.6)K-M series inverters are tailored for residential solar power usage. This fantastic compact unit offers maximum input current per string of 14A, making it compatible with high-efficiency modules and bi-facial modules. The sleek, lightweight design, means that the Solis is easy to install and really easy to operate. The fanless operation offers low operating noise for a comfortable living environment. The integrated AFCI function proactively reduces the risk of overheating and the mobile app connectivity means that you can control the unit wherever you are.

Brand Solis Inverters
Max. Efficiency 97.3%%
Dimensions 310 x 373 x 160mm
Max. Charge/Discharge Current Up to 16A
Battery Voltage Range 60-600V
Net Weight 7.4-7.7Kg
Power Options 2.3Kw, 3kW, 3.8kW, 4.5kW, 5.4kW



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