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Givenergy 9.5kWh Solar Battery

  • High-capacity, energy-dense cells
  • LifePO4 technology makes the safest on the market
  • Fully recyclable, non-flammable and non-toxic
  • Minimal heat build-up & maximum longevity
  • Up to 100% depth of discharge
  • Round-trip efficiency of 93% for superior energy retention


The Givenergy 9.5kWh battery pack is a marketing leading energy conservation package that’s ideal for properties of all sizes. This brilliant unit enables you to conserve previously wasted energy that your solar panels generate throughout the day. As the sun sets, and your solar panels stop generating sufficient energy to power your home, the Givenergy 9.5kWh battery takes over, releasing the energy it has stored. The results are a potential 85% saving on your electricity bills, which in-turn means you reduce your carbon emissions by around 300Kg each year. So it’s not just kind on the wallet, but also far better for the environment.


Brand Givenergy
Capacity 9.5kWh / 186 Ah
Discharge Efficiency 100%
Rating IP65
Warranty 10 year
Net Weight 110Kg
Dimensions 480 x 800 x 242 mm


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