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Solax is a leading provider of cutting-edge EV Chargers, perfectly tailored to complement your electric vehicle. Capable of utilizing 100% green energy generated from your solar or wind generation. With our advanced Smart Energy System, you’ll enjoy fast and reliable charging capabilities, whether you prefer a specific plug or socket. Optimize your charging schedule and minimize costs with our intelligent load balancing and customizable timers. Installing the system is a breeze, whether indoors or outdoors, and once set up, you can easily manage it, remotely monitor, and control the charging process through our user-friendly app. Plus, combined with our X-ESS G4 all-in-one system, which offers seamless solar+storage integration, it ensures smart EV charging with unparalleled efficiency. The Solax EV Charger is simple to use, and compatible with all electric vehicles.

Brand Solax
Power 7kW – 22kW
Control LCD Screen
Rating IP65
Cable Options Teathered & Unteathered
Warranty 3 Year
Car Compatility Universal



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