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SolaX’s battery system effortlessly integrates with their Hybrid inverter, offering unique battery heating technology, a safe LiFePO4 battery type, and high-performance processors. Form an all-in-one system with our X1-Hybrid G4 and the Matebox. With a modular design and easy installation, it supports floor mounting, ensuring reliable operation in various temperatures. The system prevents battery over-discharge, has an IP65 rating for indoor/outdoor use, enables remote fault diagnosis, and includes multiple communication interfaces. With internationally recognized brand devices, a long life cycle, and safety certifications, it provides a trusted solution for users worldwide.

Brand Solax
Capacity 5.1kWh
Discharge Efficiency 100%
Rating IP65
Warranty 10 year
Net Weight 72.2Kg
Dimensions 474 x 193 x 708 mm


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